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  1. Brandolkt

    Any strictly R&T places in near Gravesend?

    Moon Chan gives a basic HE. And Sonya from Brighton if you can get a hold of her.
  2. Brandolkt

    Best dt?

    I don’t know if you’ve seen her by now seeing as how this is an old thread, but yeah, she offers two. I’m a one pop guy but her mouth is magic and she brought me back from the depths of my drained balls for a second one.
  3. Brandolkt

    Review: Mia mega busty chick

    A fair amount of providers actually do know about this site. That’s why we have shills here.
  4. Brandolkt

    Review: PE - Sara

    45 ? Hell, just go for the hour. I did my first 45 minute about a month ago and discovered just how important those missing 15 minutes were. Great first review nonetheless dude. (y)
  5. Brandolkt

    Intimate Massage

    I got you bro. I too have been under the impression that her menu is very limited based on past reviews but I need to finally find out for myself what the truth is since everyone gives cryptic answers about her services. I’m most likely gonna see her this week or next so you can expect a fully...
  6. Brandolkt

    Review: elona again

    Yo bruh. If your problem is that you’ve got an SO, just tell her you made a new friend. I’ll be your alibi so I can show you a good time in Midtown. Lol.
  7. Brandolkt

    Review: Lily M

    I feel that. It’s definitely hard to get away sometimes. I use the “hanging out with so and so” excuse. Works every time, but I can’t use it too often. Lol.
  8. Brandolkt

    Review: Lily M

    That’s what I try to preach ! After 2 years of mongering in Brooklyn, I finally checked the Manhattan section and it was like finding the doorway to Narnia. Granted, the damage is a bit more damaging, but the experiences are well worth it. I’m glad she worked out for you though. Now that you...
  9. Brandolkt

    Review: Lear: Avah Rose

    Damn. A1 dude. I’m beating myself up for not being able to book her. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for her return.
  10. Brandolkt

    Review: Avah Rose at Lear Talent

    Based on her pics and your description .. I HAVE to see her before she leaves.
  11. Brandolkt

    How to get references?

    By asking for a reference, they want you to give them the number to another spa or agency, or a regular of yours that can prove you are who you say you are.
  12. Brandolkt

    What would you tell yourself before getting into this hobby?

    @HoldenMcGroin I went through the same panic when they started showing up on me a few years ago. It was definitely a stressful couple of weeks until I learned that it was Fordyce. I have very unnoticeable ones in the corners of my top lip and on my dick .. You can see how concerning this was. Lol.
  13. Brandolkt

    Review: Private Hottie - Julia

    This is apparently Sara from NYAW according to other members here. Just in case you expected someone different.
  14. Brandolkt

    Review: Mila Outcall in Brooklyn

    Well this certainly didn’t leave much to the imagination ...
  15. Brandolkt

    Review: lola midwood

    Broooooo. Nooooooo. o_O I’m sorry it had to get to this point. At least now you don’t have to wonder and you never have to see her again.
  16. Brandolkt

    How do you guys deal with the SO?

    I feel you bro. I live with my girl too. We have identical work hours though so sometimes I just call in late, leave work early or call out all together. I also chill with my close friends pretty often, so some days I just tell her I’m going to see them. I typically get to monger once or twice a...
  17. Brandolkt

    Review: Julie at PE

    Do some research bro, holy crap. I've had to see you ask the same question on like 5 different reviews. It takes all of 30 seconds to look up most AMP websites and find out the price. You've been here since 2019 ... The only stupid person is you for bumping a bunch of different threads with the...
  18. Brandolkt

    Review: Vicky at PH

    I think her small stint here recently was her return. It may be a while before she’s back.
  19. Brandolkt

    Review: Yoyo NYAW - new star on the scene

    AMPR Tip - Don’t ask about $ in the public section. NYAW Tip - Whatever floats your boat.