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  1. Aro

    S*X Doll

    Anyone looking for a S*xdoll. Someone trying to get rid of his last inventory before the year. Only one left. Pm. If you are interested.
  2. Aro

    Quality Ranking by City.

    This is gonna be a hard question. Because it requires alot of exploration in different area. Ranking by city. Quality-wise.
  3. Aro

    How many times....

    How many times a month. Let's do a poll here. I'm a odd one. It could be once a year or 4 times a month. No specific pattern.
  4. Aro

    Eva - GFEI?

    Anyone saw her? PM Me. How accurate?
  5. Aro

    The funniest thing ever.

    Always with a friend something always happen... Here goes. C-org. For some effing reason I just went and babysit my friend. I wasnt feeling it. And after seeing what is available.... Definitely not feeling it. So I was chatting with the papa-san. This guy show up with some high volume chat...
  6. Aro

    My story today.

    Haven't seen this atf for a while. Long story short. She forced a no rubber situation on me. Caught me off guard because I had it on at first. Extremely bummed because of this stunt. Will need to take a break for a while Don't ask me who. Don't need more victims. Sigh.. what a effing sis...
  7. Aro

    Review: Allision - GFEI

    Title: Review: Allision - GFEI Date: Jul 20, 2020 Phone: City: SM State: CA Age Estimate: 25-30 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: a light tan for a korean girl. Private Details: Allison is from She actually very fluent in her english. She look good in person. I would say the pic...
  8. Aro

    Review: Bora - Viola and the Violin

    Title: Review: Bora - Viola and the Violin Date: Jun 18, 2019 Phone: City: SM State: CA Age Estimate: 30ish Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Look like the pics Private Details: Bora. She actually very talkative. Got there. She look close to her pics. Minus minor tweaks. I...
  9. Aro

    Review: Lily A - Ivy

    Title: Review: Lily A - Ivy Date: Aug 18, 2020 Phone: State: LV Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: Small girl. Private Details: She basically chinese. But for her skin tone she is a bit dark. Saw her twice. She still remembers. Massage was good. But something about her massaging...
  10. Aro

    Review: Lily A - Laos/Viet

    Title: Review: Lily A - Laos/Viet Date: Aug 19, 2020 Phone: City: LV Age Estimate: 30 Nationality: Vietnamese Physical Description: She look more chinese than anything. Private Details: Laoloka? Idk i really do not know what she said. She on the smaller side 5'2. Nice tits. Very good...
  11. Aro

    Anyone tried a double in any org?

    From my prospective they probably wont put their A tier girls on the double list. It just doesn't make sense. So this is why I ask this question? Anyone have any experience else where? Especially in BGC. 600 is alot of damage. Just curious what you guys experience.
  12. Aro

    Review: Ivy - lily A

    Title: Review: Ivy - lily A Date: Jun 8, 2020 Phone: City: Las vegas Location: 2 miles from cosmopolitan. Nationality: Chinese Physical Description: She tan. Private Details: Heard good things from this org. Went there. Some girl with a cute red dress took me in. Found out it was the...
  13. Aro

    Review: Angel - Viola's org

    Title: Review: Angel - Viola's org Date: May 25, 2020 Phone: Location: SM Age Estimate: Late 20s Nationality: Korean Physical Description: Cute girl in a dark room. Private Details: Went inside the room. Very dark. She smart. Inside the dark room. Light dfk. Blue toast. Light shower. Bbbj in...
  14. Aro

    Sad Year. Massage-less

    South bay clean up was bad enough. Now we have the Coronavirus BS and the riot. Talking about a sh*t show in progress...... As much as I want to get one. It too dangerous to go nowadays. Even the K-girls is still not the same. Sometimes you wanna take a break and not burn yourself throughout...
  15. Aro

    Review: VIP SPA - Nara

    Title: Review: VIP SPA - Nara Date: Oct 1, 2019 Phone: City: San Francisco State: California Age Estimate: 30ish Nationality: Vietnamese Physical Description: Look ghetto from the other side. Also pretty ghetto on that block with crackheads walking around. Private Details: VIP Spa is...
  16. Aro

    Sm Recommendations?

    What happen to SM? Even LSC pull out. Any good recommendations? Please do not say smk.... I have a horrible experience there. PM Thanks. ____ Abbreviate and keep it brief.
  17. Aro

    KGirls - Asking you not put on a hat.

    Title said it all.... My recommendation don't do it. It is bizarre. One of my friend who I recommend to the organization and told me the girl offer him the same thing. My friend is in his 60s... Like seriously.... (He's twice my age) The worse part is they do it to all. Don't think you are...
  18. Aro

    Review: My experience with SMK / EMK

    Title: Review: My experience with SMK / EMK Date: Oct 21, 2020 Phone: Website City: San Mateo State: California Age Estimate: 30-35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: No where close to the pictures. Private Details: Have two experience in this location where there was a bait and switch...
  19. Aro

    Review: Paradise SPA - Coco

    Title: Review: Paradise SPA - Coco Date: Nov 19, 2019 Phone: City: San Francisco State: California Age Estimate: 30-40 Nationality: Vietnamese Physical Description: There were so many inside. But most of them not much of a looker. Private Details: Someone recommend me and told me to go...
  20. Aro

    Review: Vivid Venus - Jelly

    Title: Review: Vivid Venus - Jelly Date: Dec 16, 2019 Phone: City: San Mateo State: California Age Estimate: 35 Nationality: Korean Physical Description: PSE - Her picture show her body. Private Details: Jelly is a pse. She not much my type because she seems to be older. There is no...