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    Review: Cindy ANHC

    Most girls that are already sexy don’t need new ones , but some of these girls seem to be obsessed with it ..
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    Review: MILF Tanya Colombian independent

    it is in the details
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    Oldest Provider out there

    I cant place her name but if I heard it , I would remember her probably . Were you a Tiffany’s on west 56 th street regular in the 90s ? Or the phone lady Ninas place after Tiffany closed ? Then there was Ginas Dreamland on east 51st right off second avenue . Any recollection of these ? They...
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    NYC - "People are returning in droves"

    I don’t remember using the Elk or Ivanhoe , or the Holland . The Senton wasn’t bad for what it was - for the amount of times my friend and I were in the city back then , it was a miracle our cars never got vandalized . On the pornstar note , I remember hanging in a burlesque type strip club on...
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    NYC - "People are returning in droves"

    I believe the hotel you were talking about may have been the Senton . I knew that area around there too - Show World was the main theater. I used the Liberty a couple times too for the west side crowd but preferred the Lexington/Park area . Same thing for me and friends - went from street to...
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    Review: Mdy spa

    Went a few times a couple of years ago and was always clean & good massage . Will have to try again when in the area
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    Casino Bars

    How impressive .......? You are a genius .... Why even post that someone doesn’t know shit about a town that he has posted so many helpful reviews / hints ? Are you like 15 years old ?
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    Oldest Provider out there

    I would hope for accommodating at that age - at that point she probably figures what’s the difference ?....
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    Looking for ATF

    Holy shit , I wish I would have known back then . I would have ventured off the boardwalk ...
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    What are you drinking these days?

    Love Leffe Blonde - perfectly spiced . Like the Brune also but prefer the blonde - contrary to women where I always prefer the brunette . I have been sucking down good red wine like candy lately . Hooked on some of the California Cabs , the Mendoza Malbecs and a few good Zins , all preferably...
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    Review: K&R Spa - Karen

    Tip more next time ? Obviously there won’t be another next time . She should have been thrilled with that tip
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    0 for 4

    Thank goodness there are still some that won’t cave in to an almost certain waste of time and money
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    Review: roosevelt fast house

    Classic Slim ! Great line and wholeheartedly agree !
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    Review: Lucky feet bell blvd. Good masssge

    Same experience here recently . Great place for massage only
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    Review: Sun Sun Spa - Legit massage only

    Agree with you on the blah experience , although I did get basic ending from Wendy- her massage was good but short , perhaps because it was late day on a Friday
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    Review: Ray @ Luxury Health Spa

    Or you can google luxury health spa great neck ....guys it’s not that tough
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    History of Apms

    That is Nobel Peace Prize worthy analysis !
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    Any bayside houses open?

    Ok thanks for clearing that up . Tempted to try them
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    Massage heaven in AC

    Guys , is this the same Helen who was also at MP way back when? Did it all would be an apt description if it is . The HeLen I am referring to had a Los Angeles cell number and was good friends with the gorgeous Coco - this dates back to 2011-2013 . Helen worked side deals with me after the store...
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    Any bayside houses open?

    I am confused ; I thought 39-25 was B & N ? If it isn’t , what is ? Also in the area is Good Luck Spa .