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    Review: 465- worse than bait and switch

    Thanks for posting this
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    Review: Golden - Coco

    Golden reminds me a little of the place in Lakehurst back in the day. The girls there were a little younger but the experience was fairly similar.
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    Review: Golden - Coco

    Title: Review: Golden - Coco Date: Jul 14, 2021 Phone: (609) 645-8199 City: Egg Harbor Township State: New Jersey Location: close to pepboys Age Estimate: 50ish Nationality: Korean Physical Description: short, cute slender with ample breasts Private Details: I had been wanting to go...
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    Review: EHT

    luck is the crossroad of opportunity and preparation
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    Golden Showers

    sportsman any info on the golden showers pm me
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    Review: Golden Accupressure

    Candy is a sweetheart.
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    Review: D3 Tina

    Tina is in a class all by herself.
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    Review: D3 Tina

    There is a review of yun today. I think he spelled it Jun not sure.
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    Review: D3 Tina

    Look up a few posts.
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    Review: Bay Spa, Manahawkin - Amy

    Yep this place has never been that great. The table shower is unusual. It's like a very short walled bathtub, very awkward.
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    Review: D3 Tina

    Thanks and idea when she'll be back
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    Review: Tina at 465 DaDaDa

    Amazing woman
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    Review: Northfield Stress Relief Center--- BRUTAL

    One time long ago I tried this place in East Brunswick which is thankfully no more. I must have had a new girl because her massage was pretty bad, but the worst part was on the flip. She grabs my johnson like she was taking revenge and starts jacking so hard she was punching me in the balls.
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    Review: 465 tina

    Glad you had a good time but I'm curious as to why you felt regret.
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    Review: 465 Tina

    Title: Review: 465 Tina Date: May 1, 2021 Phone: (856) 956-3588 City: Sewell State: NJ Location: down the street from wawa Age Estimate: 60's Nationality: Vietnamese Physical Description: would be excellent for a twenty-year-old Private Details: I made an appointment with Tina on...
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    Review: Evergreen Grace

    Thanks for the review. If they aren't going to give you what you came for there is no sense in expending the effort.
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    Review: Harmony - Mina

    Not even close
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    Review: King Spa

    That's a shame, it used to be very good but things change, usually for the worse.
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    Review: Apple Spa- (Formerly Stress Therapy) - Victoria

    Nice job thanks for the review
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    Review: Evergreen- Tina

    Very nice thorough review ty.