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2 girl massage in Northern NJ?


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Anyone know of a place that offers a 2 girl massage in Northern NJ. I've never done one and think it's about time.
… 123..
.. 4 hands isn’t difficult to find if your a regular and have a good rotation of Stores.. however here’s the caveat..a 4 hands session can range between meh! and a PSE depending on the Providers experience and relationship with one another..if the girls are comfortable with one another and with you, it can be a “bucket list” encounter.. if not, you may be better off spending the cash and time for 2 great sessions with an ATF.. just MHO..
… check out the reviews and your PMs..for past performances and good combinations of providers before you set something up for your “first time” encounter..
.. good luck and keep us posted..


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often the best ones are the unexpected when the second girl is bored and wants a little tip and comes in to "help out". Usually the planned ones don't work so well.


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Almost any spa (legit ones too) will be willing to do 4 handers.
It's double the money for them for the table and the hour,
and it makes both the manager and girls happy because more work and money is being spread around.
Sometimes, if it's slow, they won't even charge you for the 2nd house fee so long as the 2nd girl gets a nice tip too.

You just have to establish yourself as a good reliable safe client over the course of a few visits.
Some of my best sessions have been unplanned spur-of-the-moment 4 hand sessions.