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A New Day Wellness - Mimi vs Vivian who is your favorite?


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I just saw Vivian yesterday. There is a lot of hype online so I had to get a visit in before she is gone ... again. She was great. She remembered me from TW and remembered what I like and she did it without me having to ask. Driving home I thought who would I prefer more if I had to chose 1....Mimi or Vivian?

I would have to say it is pretty close. Both seem to enjoy getting pounded. Mimi is more vocal during the action. Vivian is a little more open to doing different things. I think I'm leaning towards Mimi but think availability is coming into play in my decision as I don't know when I'll ever see Vivian again.


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To me it comes down to who’s O-face you like better. Mimi goes harder with the PSE type performance and responds accordingly down below, working the kegels to perfection. Vivian is more refined in that dept but not by much. I think Mimi has a better ass but Vivian is better singing Piano Man on karaoke night At the local bar.

Lastly, I think Vivian can be talked into just about anything. We’ve had some fun thinking outside the box. Nothing crazy but definitely willing to accommodate. That being said, I’m happy to hear she’s heading down my way to Florida. I’ll be on the hunt for her, just hope I don’t have to spend too much time and money before I can find her.