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Advice for a first time?


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I was just going to say that the best option for a first trip is an older woman who knows the ropes, and a spa a little further away where you won't feel like you have to go back, in case something goes awkwardly. You aren't going to phase an older girl if you don't know the routine, and set off the cop radar. And if you butcher the money part she's less likely to complain about an incorrect tip. Older women are all about smoother experiences and repeat business. Get that one done and then branch out from there. A year from now you'll be savvy and wondering why you didn't start this years ago.


Monsieur Le President
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Go for a Chinatown special. Low cost, good enough, you can try 2x or maybe even 3 depending where you go for price of one Manhattan Ferraris


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I'd say dont put much pressure and build up on your "first time." Plenty to choose from out there and you'll be going as often as you see fit. Jump in, relax, and enjoy all that you can fit into that hour.

See what reviews suit you but youre not falling in love and you wont experience all that youve read on the board during said "first time" so 'first' is just a number in this scenario.

Shit..go for 2 in a day or in a weekend so that #1 doesnt get overanalyzed and youll feel pro in no time.


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partly depends on what you're interested in from a provider as far as services...whatever your proclivity is you can find an expert. as someone who's into aggressive dt, someone like Sara at NYAF would be good. but if you're someone who has a certain body type you're looking for, folks on here are happy to share specific folks.


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R&T with Arie at 41
Nothing beats the rush of the flip after a 30 min massage, anticipating some form of extra service
Then, when you're finished, she'll whisper into your ear that there's more available next time
At that point, you'll be hooked and see less money in your checking account


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If you have the means, it can be addicting. When I started, after the first, I kept going to different places, like 3-4 times a week, for 2-3 hour long sessions. Addicting, like a kid that discovered you can go to the candy store and stay there.

It eventually wears off though. And since NYC is kinda getting its grove back, I've not really been looking for AMPs cause bars and just walking about gets basically the same action, just some aren't as dirty as you can get from an AMP. (dirty in a good way).

Just be careful, if they sense you are actually new to the scene, depending on the provider, you will get taken.


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I've been browsing and reading a lot here, have picked up a lot of tips that way, had to suss out some of the nomenclature.

I'm still contemplating my first foray, and was wondering if anybody had any tips or recommendations for a first timer.

I promise I've searched for keywords like "first time" and the like to avoid asking an almost certainly already asked question.

I think what would be important to me as a newbie would be;

Good English; compensate for lack of experience with good communication
Well known, established, on the safer side; I don't have the intuition to know when I'm in a bad situation yet.
Slightly Aggressive/assertive provider; I might be a little shy at first.
Looks; true for everyone I'm sure, but attraction is going to help a lot with overcoming any nerves.

I'm willing to spend a little extra to make sure my first time is a success, so getting a bargain isn't an objective for me.

I hope this is an appropriate post, please take it down if not. Thank you everyone for the advice I've already gotten indirectly.
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