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Any trans providers or providers who do butt stuff in the area?


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Had one at tai chi gifts in phoenixville but she’s gone now. Anyone know anywhere else?


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Full disclosure I have messed around with trans girls before. However I'm not going to top or bottom ever again. The HIV rate is very high in that community. I socialize with them sometimes and you hear lots of rumors.

Its always safety first so if you must, cover up before you (or they) bust.


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You are right Picasso82, this is scary if a guy lets a trans fuck him in the ass raw and marches off in a couple days to see a regular spa girl. Some of you dudes are nuts.


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"Despite overall lower rates of new HIV diagnoses since 2020, people of color continue to be diagnosed with HIV at higher rates (non-Hispanic Black: 36.2 per 100,000; Hispanic/Latinx: 28.2 per 100,000) compared to non-Hispanic White Philadelphians (13.6 per 100,000). The majority (55.9%) of new HIV diagnoses in 2021 were among gay, bisexual men, and other persons assigned male sex at birth men who have sex with men (MSM), with two-thirds of those diagnoses occurring among non-Hispanic Black MSM. New diagnoses continue to be elevated among people who inject drugs and remain nearly twice as high as 2016, the last year a decrease was observed in this group."

Not worried.

A gay Black dug user might be.