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anyone tried-bronx


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Bad area, even if you blend in there are stupid gangbangers all down that hill and all up the hill after you turn on her block. Chances of running into a knucklehead is 20 times greater than in midtown and don't even think of parking around there.


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I work in the Bronx. Its a total risk now and not worth it. I would only go to the Pelham area. I went there recently for one who turned out to be legit. Not a bad area during the day. Other then that the Bronx has gone down the toilet. I used to have a provider in Fordham area. It was safe up until the riots after that it was a no go. She moved to queens and too far for me now. Too bad as it was convenient for me and she became a SB. All good things come to an end lol.

Jay Smoove

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Bronx has some talent just gotta be smart. The Fast houses might be in rough neighborhoods that you should only venture to at reasonable hours of the day. If you are scared go in broad daylight.


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Everytime i am in the bronx, especially if i am.on the train, I always leave convinced that wcery single boro has taken the lowest forms of life they have, from every ethnic group we know ( and some we do not) and dumped the Bronx


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honestly the bedpage elmsford latina girls for $100-$200 tend to get the job done and it's not in a shithole part of town. If you don't like what you see, walk. My only gripe with them is they use the same number for various girls, so it's hard to be a loyal customer unless you get the girls direct number.


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Messages: 58
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The Bronx is trash. Plain and simple. Not a place for mongers. Only reliable one I had was “Connie” from 6 train line. Those of who resides in Bx knows what I am talking about. I’m a resident in BX I would never ever recommend Bronx unless you carrying a heater.


Just looking for a true PAAG
Messages: 494
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I have a couple of atfs in the Bronx that I have been seeing for a couple years now check out my melody post. It’s in fordham but she does look like an Latina IG model I can’t lie