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Best Org in San Jose


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I’m so glad I found this site. I’m visiting San Jose and was wondering what the best org is out here for PSE service. I’m on swifter and can find them easily but would love some recommendations.


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I tried to book them today, but no response to my call or texts. Sucked cause i tried to settle for Chinese org i had never used before which was HUGE mistake. Left review - - don't go to anyone from goodtimeescort
Why, what happened? I am planning to go there.


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Is BGC better than LSC?
No way lol. Not even in same league. BGC has had some really good ones but in no way provides consistent above average talent. I never had a bad experience at LSC and also met some really memorable girls there. Even there lesser talent would be top girls at BGC. The PO at BGC is awesome though, so I go there.


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Is BGC better than LSC?
Agree 100% with Juanjr. No comparison. LSC is very reliable and professional, and they have consistent talent standards. LKS has also gained a lot of my respect. VF and CA also on my A-List.


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Agreed, just booked Yuffie (Seoulplaymates) and her PO is also very nice and accommodating. Booked melody (Asian eye candy) last week and haven’t had any issues either.
AEC is back in biz? Thought theyre done since website hasnt been updated, and only melody out of the 4 is active.


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As someone who used other vendors before I tired these and here's my experience:

- LSC: Only accepts an ID with a selfie and they don't get reference from others. Hell no brother. I'm trying to be discreet. I'm not applying for a passport.
- BGC: When I asked if they accept reference they replied with "HIV". I guess that's not very professional ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- VF: They were nice and they accepted my reference
- CA: No response.