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Dresses and skirts


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Eastern side of eastbay... like L-more? There are couple of FS places sprung up there by same owner. Seems like a rehash of paradise/elite they used to have.


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From the first stickied post at the top of the forum about what gets you banned:
  1. Our system of PM allows anyone to PM whomever they NOT bump OLD threads with a useless "can I get a PM?"...just PM directly. IF THE OP DID NOT RESPOND THAT WAS THEIR CHOICE. That said, do NOT harass any member who does not respond to your PM.


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i love seeing how much i can get away with before we hit the br, and its easier with a skirt. bonus points if shes wearing a thong or gstring underneath


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This thread came back from the dead. It's been months since this discussion was active and a lot has changed. Any information I mentioned earlier is no longer relevant, so there's no point in PMing me for details. And if you did and I didn't reply, now you know why.