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Dresses and skirts


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Yes, back in the good old days in SF at a place called the Golden Flower. About a dozen wearing heels and lingiere for you to pick and choose. Is there anything like that still around that I have not discovered? Please DM me if so.


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This thread came back from the dead. It's been months since this discussion was active and a lot has changed. Any information I mentioned earlier is no longer relevant, so there's no point in PMing me for details. And if you did and I didn't reply, now you know why.
Seriously, I'm not replying to PMs for this thread anymore.


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There are a couple of places on the eastern side of east bay too. And I'm not talking about Concord. Not only can you get some incredible eye candy, you can sometimes get a half-decent massage too.
Would love a DM of those places also please


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It's no wonder we have mods going postal. Get a clue guys and stop posting to the public forum to receive a private message. Not everybody needs to see your post asking for contact from a specific person. A person who has already said his reasons for no longer replying as well. If your post adds nothing to the public information/ discussion and is meant only to have a specific person see it, then private message them yourself. The general message board does not need to be cluttered with junk constantly being pushed to the top with useless bumps.