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GFEI Outcall


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Messages: 61
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never did an outcall but also interested. What do y’all even do? You have to pick her up, bring her to a spot, and bang? Or do you wanna go on a date or something?


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Messages: 51
Reviews: 3
If you can’t see the benefit in an outcall, it is probably not worth your while. Haven’t done OTC with GFEI, but have done it with other korgs. OTC is usually geared towards travelers that don’t have a car here (lots of OTC in Vegas). In Vegas, they don’t want you to take an Uber cuz too many trips to the same random apt complex raises questions.

But, there are people that are just more comfortable fucking in their own bed. I don’t recommend for married guys when their wife or family is away.

I do enjoy more outside time with certain providers just to spend more time with them. Also, sometimes I like sex at their spot, take a break, grab a bite, and come back for more sex. The girls do really appreciate it when u take them out and show them around.


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Never done outcall but I've seen Hannah. Her English is pretty much perfect so you can actually have a real date with her if that's your thing. Pics are pretty accurate.


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Messages: 169
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Outcall who was great is Sunni Rai. she is more pricy now at 5, but I saw her sometime ago and she is 150% GFE, great convo, sweetheart. Head is together and she is a career woman who is saving her Pennie’s . Great experience and would repeat, but I think she screens now…I don’t usually go that path.