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Has anyone every tried this place?


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I've been there a few times over the last couple years. Want to put my own spin on "several girls work out of it". To my knowledge, there's never been more than one girl at any given time...and they've been quite a mixed bag...and I believe I;ve seen them all. Here's my rundown:

1. Couple years ago there was a 40-ish tall-ish blond with glasses and a pair of the most amazing breasts I've ever seen. She wasn't especially attractive but those breasts...Her specialty was half-assed nuru.
2. Harley is a current semi-regular. Sort of heavy and only does nuru and FBSM. Not for me.
3. Ciara was short, stacked, attrcative, and nuts. Great sessions. Dropped off the face of the earth several weeks ago.
4. Skye is a current semi-regular. 40+ blonde with too many pounds and too many miles on her. That said, she gives a decent session.
5. Most days there are no girls there.

The wine is to ward off LE. According to urban legend, a cop can't bust you after they've given you something of value. True or not, that's what Ms Frisky believes.


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I was there two years ago and saw Nikki, who I have not seen on STG anymore. I did in fact bring a bottle of wine. She was very Meh. I have also been tempted to see Harley but still trying to get more info about her.


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I saw Harley, like others have said, its a multiple person operation, but I think Harley is the only regular at the moment? The building they operated out of was a hoarder's mess. It was a mediocre massage/experience. I brought them like a 15$ bottle of wine, I think thats just for first-timers, again: myths about law-enforcement.