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Has anyone tried whatsyourprice?


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I have. Run by same firm that runs seeking, but they charge you credits for each contact you make and converse with (seeking is monthly fee, unlimited convos during that period with as many contacts you want). Smaller community than seeking, but I have found a few hidden gems who did not think of themselves as an 'arrangement' girl, but was able to woo them into one. So it is really a bit of an ambitious game if you are signing up for it. You will need to learn how to avoid fake profiles, gold diggers and target the right set of girls who might turn into a good find at the right price.


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Seeking Arrangement- plenty of info in the general forum. My 2 cents if you have the funds but much more importantly the time to commit to research/messaging/vetting/weeding out, you can end up a very happy man.


Same starks43, same wit, just on a new forum
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i use it.
SO , I used SA back in 2017 when i lived in central jersey and made about 50k. I met 1 girl that was an A+ would have let her be a stay at home wife she was so hot, 3 months 5 dates, no cookies.
1 19 year old with the 19 year old body you would expect, but she was from a bad area and wanted more money than I could afford.
Met 2 girls that were B- , average girls.
1 D- girl who gave me cookies and came over my house 2-3 times per week and never asked for cheese after the first date. Just wanted favors.

But like I said, that was 2021-now seems to be a totally different story.
So now i am in north jersey, work downtown and make 100k. I have MUCH more money to offer a sugarbaby. in 2 years of using WYP i found mostly scammers and girls looking to be the next cardi B/Kim Kardashian while offering little in return. If you use it just to have dinner with a hot girl, it may work out a few times. but to find a constant sugar baby? Ill say I havent found it.
Most of the girls would rather sit home alone and wait for a 200K cash daddy, than have an arrangement with a normal guy


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Have one decent girl

And another I ran from. Pics were way filtered , much much older than listed and definitely some form
Of a addict. Went to see her on the border of paterson and haldon at her place. Took one look and said fuck this and walked out lol