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Head Massage worth it ????


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After just recovering from a massive ear infection that took two weeks, 2 meds and 3 Dr visits to cure - I’m thinking about a recent masseuse who after a lousy massage and he, tortured me with a head massage before I finally sat up and said no more.
When she offered head or foot I said no head but foot ok. Shit, she failed at foot massage and immediately went to my head !
My hair is pretty thin but she scrubbed me anyways. Then she proceeded to play with my ears, twisting them around and even poked a finger in them. Good god woman, what are you doing ??
It was my fault to let her get that far but from now on, my head, hair and ears are off limits !!!!
Is there any such thing as a good head massage ? I’ve been mongering decades and seems like I had one in history that was pleasant, but fails me who and when. Sorry for the rant ,,,,,,,


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I've had a couple of great scalp massages and always looked forward to getting them. For me, it was informal thing, never on the menu. It would just happen if the provider felt good enough about me to give me one. I always appreciated them.


Casual Monger
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Scalp massages can be beneficial when done correctly. Even pulling on the air lobes - when done correctly. I have no idea why they'd need to put a finger in your ear though.

Chuck One

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Busty Blonde JOdi used to give me head massages. I'm bald.... they were amazing. She also blew me afterwards. I believe she is now legit and working somewhere in PA.


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I just had an experience similar to the OP's. I have had many scalp massages and I always enjoyed them. Recently, the day after one of them, the gland behind my jaw swelled and became painful. The pain and swelling spread to my ear and that blew up and became red and hot. I am thinking that she put too much pressure on the gland. The glands, ligaments and tendons should never have hard pressure applied. This provider has given me so many scalp massages that I don't pay attention to every move she makes so I am still wondering if it was a coincidence. I think I will be paying more attention in the future.


Rebirth & merged after the purges
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I always tell them straight away no scalp massage or back walking if it’s a new provider. Most providers wind up pulling hair in their attempt at a scalp massage and that defeats all the relaxation right after a massage; about the only time that would be great is if it were done while in the midst of daty, which isn’t a scalp massage, it’s foreplay! I do find the face massage- with a provider who understands the meridians and how to manipulate- very relaxing but for the most part I prefer those precious few moments be spent elsewhere.