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If you're the PO/Org Boss


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Lets say you're in the business.. and need girls to fill the roster. You need to pick 4 girls total. 1 for each category. Service Queens/Top customer service, Young/GFE, vet/PSE, and a legendary/ATF/retired. And need to price them accordingly. I'll start, just to give an example and reasons behind it. Try not to link listings,most of us are smart enough to look up names and familiar with source materials.

¥300 Jin/Brook... Set the bar real high as shes my first k-girl. Eurasian look, thicc, natural JUGS, civie as shes in it to pay off tuitions according to sources.

¥280 i think melody-AEC could continue a couple more years if she offered pse. shes been here 7+ years, got the service down.. whats another item on the menu gonna set her back?

¥300 gonna pick apple-tkg.. booked her two days in a roll and a third coming soon. chemistry is there.. i didnt tip but she appreciated the back to back, and wants me to see me again the next weekend.

service queens/TCS:
¥280... tough one as ive never really booked anyone for these needs... but Ceroni might fit the bill without repeating an org.. never saw her but shes been around and knows how to please according to sources.

have fun with it.. good intel and to end the year on a positive note..


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Ceroni’s ass was heavily overrated. Don’t get me wrong, It’s great. Reviews are swearing she’s a goddess.
I didn’t find Ceroni’s service to be anything above the next girl. She’s just hot
YMMV as always.