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Japanese egg


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Any one had an experience with this disposable toy?

It would be a nice alternative for people (like me) who's trying to cut down on the hobby. Too much jerking off is not good, it gets me desensitized maybe this will help scratching the itch.
The egg is more like an alternative to unused condoms it's a one and throw . I would invest in a fleshlight for more of a enjoyably experience


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I actually have one my GF gave to me as a funny gift. If you're decently sized, it's not great. If you're over 5 inches, the egg stretches, but I find it to still be too small. It comes with a couple doses of lube, but it's meant to be thrown away after 1-2 uses. For what it is, it's not cheap.

If you're willing to spend a bit more, I'd go with the Shell version of the Tenga Spinner . Honestly, the sensations from this thing kick ass. I, too, am looking to limit my hobby spending, and even though this cost me $24 for the device and $6 for the lube, it's probably saved me thousands in AMP costs. Does it compare to the real thing? Not at all. I still go to AMPs, but if it's rainy outside or I'm on the borderline, the Spinner Shell does the trick just fine. And it's washable and comes with its own drying stand! The Japanese get it right. You can buy it on Amazon (but I'd hate to have that in my order history), or you can pick one up in person at Teso Life by Penn Station right next to the condoms (and it's cheaper there).


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Thank you very. This is good information. I get how the egg can get expensive since it's disposable but it would be nice not to worry about other people(kids) accidentally finding your toy