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Las Vegas monger advice


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I am going to be in Vegas for 2 days and 3 nights early next week.

Any advice on what mongering options there might be?

I don't particularly like getting escorts to my room after a couple of lukewarm experiences doing that.

I would prefer actually going to some kind of service place like an mp or such, where I can cut losses and walk away if I want to.

My preference is for Asian girls but am open to any other ethnicities so long as it's worth the time and effort!

Thanks in advance for any and all pointers!


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Vegas has two or three real popular Asian services that provides incall. The one that comes to mind is Vegas Asian Club. I think they will send a driver to pick you up. I have never used them, but they are popular on another review board.

I prefer outcall in Vegas. You can still cut your losses. Meet them downstairs in the lobby. If she doesn't appeal to you, buy her a drink and tell her thanks but no thanks.


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The Vegas racket ain't worth the $$$. Unless you're a high roller in which case go ahead and blow your money.
In Vegas I'd rather a good dinner for the cash.
Skip the strip club too, they will show up and dance at your room for $$$$ and then everything else is extra from there.
If you do use a service like the other poster recommended, I find the Vegas girls just don't do as much without the bigger tip. Less bang for your buck, literally