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Lets rate POs for a change.


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Messages: 38
Reviews: 4
Never had a problem with any of the orgs. LKS, Cara, Viola, SKS,etc., communication has always been prompt, efficient and courteous.

These are the things I do to - perhaps it may help you:
*never ask endless questions. I do my research first and then book an appointment. Most POs have never seen the girls in person.

*always great the PO and be nice. A good morning or good afternoon and note who you would like to book. POs are people and like dealing with nice folks. Always thank the PO after the session.

*always communicate with the PO informing them of my estimated arrival time if I will be late. If I am late, I still leave at the designated time. No if and or buts.

*I always keep my appointments. I’ve heard of mongers booking appointments and walk out over and over again. POs message each other.

Enjoy and always respect the ladies.


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Messages: 75
Reviews: 9
Tier 1: LKS, LSC, SKS, SPM always prompt, helpful, & courteous
Tier 2: BGC, VF, Caras (caras can be moody lately)
Others PO r decent too but the goods are not that exciting so only limited experience with them
ATF PO however is none other than the best Joanne!


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Messages: 127
Reviews: 8
My theory is that they are not accepting new customers right now. PO used to respond to me, but timing never worked, so I didn't book when I had the chance. I've been ghosted on my last two attempts.


Review Contributor
Messages: 758
Reviews: 41
Diana's PO is Marcus, usually grumpy but gets the scheduling job done. He sometimes fails to communicate with the girl, though, and does not pass along requests.
Funny thing about him is he tells us customers not to trade contact info with the girls. Yet he doesn't remember to pass along requests like turn on AC. On days when it's warm 90s+ it takes a while to cool down the place and that's wasted time.


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Messages: 1
I have wanted to try CA, but PO never responds. I wish I could really book a session. (If anyone has tips to help me out here greatly appreciated)

VF and LKS have been great POs. Always reliable and contact you almost immediately. 9/10

LSC nice but has an attitude at times. 7/10


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Messages: 28
Reviews: 7
Best is CA for me, once you get in. LSC is nice after the session, asking for a review. Other than that, very nasty, even if you have been with them for a long time.