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Massages by Maddie


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I have not, but if in the ad you click the reply button in the top left, it will reveal the phone number...
(516) 415-5580
Let me know how you make out.


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Stay far away. This place was previously known as Castle Salon. It is in an old hair dresser location with a curtained off area in the back At the time it was a combo LMP/RMP. Everything was an up-sell and they wanted you our the door in under 30 minutes.
I did hear that the Mexican was good however;)


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Were we taking at the saloon across the street?
I apologize for hijacking this thread..But you brought back fond memories of 30yrs ago, when that place was
known as Vitale's!..If I recall, Michael Vitale and his sister owned it..Nice place to hang out at

He was the chef/cook, and his pizza was one of the best I ever had!..Everytime I was there, and before I walked
out, I ordered a pie to go!!..Those were the days!..And now, back to the talk about Massages by Maddie! ;)


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The Mexican is very good as 8s the saloon. Never 5ried the massage but never heard anything good about this place. All I have seen are poor reviews and pricey. Wish it was better as it is very local to me.