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Milking table ?


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Messages: 54
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Anyone been to a good milking table place in CT. The only one I can find is Heather in Westchester but she's charging way too much. So I figured somone here has to know somthing.


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Messages: 6
And like EVERYTHING else in this Grandpa Joe economy... Prices are ridiculous. Even the "Skip the Games" girls are charging insane amounts even just for a QV, and many look like they are strung out on meth. Fuck that... I'll continue to jack it while I look for a side piece.


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Funny you mention that, with this fucking administration the Asian hotels in Milford seem to be upping their rates over the past year. Finding the right amp provider is now the same price, cleaner, and imo a lot less risky. And you get a massage lol


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It's called inflation.
Rent is higher due to higher property taxes and higher A/C, Heating and electric bills. Those little water bottles you get have gone up in price and you get it for "Free". Laundry services to keep your sheets clean has gone up to due to the same utility bills and gas bills on the delivery trucks.

So, there are enough higher costs that go into running these businesses that are being passed on to the customer. No different than just about any other service business out there. Are you cooking more at home and eating out less? Restaurant prices have grown even more.