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Need Info - Gigi in Phoenixville


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I’ve had similar experiences and gave up on her. I drove a half hour to see her for my very first appt. I sat in my car for half an hour texting her and getting no response. I finally left and drove back home. Turns out she was in Virginia and never bothered to cancel the appt. On another occasion, I made an appointment and asked her to text me if she needed to cancel because of snow the next day. I received no text and headed over. Minutes from her place, I texted her my arrival time. She replied saying she couldn’t keep the appt. because of her daughter, or something like that. I was pissed to say the least.
"She replied saying she couldn’t keep the appt. because of her daughter, or something like that" = another, better paying appointment


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Service is good... Scheduling is nightmare.
I am trying to schedule visit #2. #1 went very well although scheduling was a bit difficult. I am guessing she has good and bad days. I’m not sure about another poster’s comment suggesting she might cancel due to a better paying client since I thought her menu prices were stable.


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I got that text as well. She flaked on 2 appointments and I crossed her off the list. How much you want to bet if you agreed to swing by w $300 to help her she’d never flake on that appointment?


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I got the text as well. I seen her at her house in pheonixville. Ecuador milf. Nice time. Her daughter is also a little hottie but she is a civilian.


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This is a service industry and it sounds like she's herrendous at scheduling and being mediocre at best. I've plenty of nice things I do and enjoy in my personal life, but donating to someone begging after being what appears to be a not so great provider is pretty ballsy. There are others I'd help out. For the record I've not seen her, and wouldn't based on the majority of comments here. Again, service industry. If I hear awful things from the multitudes, or get repeated shitty service at a restaurant, would I go or keep going back? Also surreal to me that some mongers tolerate this crap, regardless of how hot some providers are. Nonsense, value my time and money just a bit too much.


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I just got a text from her begging for money due to personal health emergency. Anyone else get one?
Yes, I got one. She’s apparently got several personal issues to work through at the moment. Kind of sad really. She used to be quite the little firecracker.