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Old providers


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Patricia Pleases comes to Mt. Laurel a couple of times a month. She may travel further on request or meet somewhere in between.


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Looking to know where to find older girls for massage and HJ. Like 70+. If not a spa, maybe you can recommend a particular provider. Thanks.
HONOR YOUR BODY: My powerfully pleasurable touch will transport you to a place of peace. My touch delivers ecstasy and tranquility as it shifts from firm to sensual. Give yourself a touch treat today! Surrender to a mature woman as my hands give you a loving full-body massage in my private brownstone studio on the Upper West Side, 80s. Please call 212 362-8176. $180 1 hour, $100 1/2 Trust Me She is an amazing Lady,with talented hands,She brought Me there 5 times in an hour and half once !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Google Her number,My Friend,God Bless You


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There used to be an older Asian lady inside busy mall on flushing main st. This was years ago. 37-08 Main St. A private room all the way to the back. Idk if she’s still there but you can go check.


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nursing home , check urself in and get involved , bingo night and then 'bingo' in the night .


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My first time on the discussion side of AMP - this is fun stuff-I totally forgot about P-Pleases. I iike all ages as long as they have mantained themselves- there is noting like a well-taken-care-of, milf-they are wonderful lovers-really.- and they do appreciate a presentable and respectful man. Never met one in their 70's, though (to my knowledge-lol)