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Past RMPs


Registered Member
Messages: 35
Anyone remember when 379 Princeton Hightstown Road was an RMP? Good times
I do...I think I know where you are talking about. It was a long time ago but there were some hotties there. Think the girl's name was Elizabeth who was my favorite. Little shy at first but once she got comfortable, she was great and very hot


Registered Member
Messages: 2
only RMP I know of near me is PPC on rt 1 which used to be located at 55 PH road with the back entrance long time ago. there was a short lived RMP on rt 1 near BMW Mini


Review Contributor
Messages: 638
Reviews: 8
there was a place in Highland Park several years back in a small building behind a deli, I forget the owners name but she use to also have a place or worked at a place in Denville prior to that and recognized me when I went first time. She had some of the best looking young Russian girls I had ever seen, a lot of them were in their early 20's. Sadly, the place didn't last too long and the # went dead. Too much traffic in the lot behind the place.


Review Contributor
Messages: 1,257
Reviews: 37
Anyone remember when 379 Princeton Hightstown Road was an RMP? Yes had a few good times there one night girl was all alone it was summer stormy rainy night she wanted to open window and hang her body out while I ate her box and fucked her it was on second floor it was fun. Had many many great times at PPC also. Russian gals were my hobby. Great spot in east Brunswick on prospect streeet also called nirvana/ nectar loved those Russian devotchkas. Good times