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Proposal new areas for Pa.


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Just proposing some new areas here. Not trying to tell the mods what to do or create more work for them. This idea was sparked just got back from a ski trip near Wilkes-Barre and had a difficult time trying to locate spas up there.

After some research, here are the largest metro areas in Penn. Each with almost 500,000 people in these metro areas alone.

1 Philly
2. Pittsburgh
3. Allentown/Bethlehem
5. Scranton/Wilkes-Barre
6. Lancaster/York.

The PA-Other group covers a very wide area and could technically cover anything. But it seems that it is mainly the Philly burbs right now.

Then there are 2 groups for Allentown and Bethlehem which are almost on top of each other but the rest of a very large state are thrown together into a generic PA-Others. While Monroeville gets it’s own area and is small and very close to Pittsburgh.

I am proposing these area changes.


Philly burbs (basically Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware and Chester Counties)





Lancaster York

PA - Others

Sorry I am not that familiar with Western Penn and I am not trying to leave anyone off. Maybe Erie could get an area being that it is all alone up there.

Looking for constructive feedback. Again not trying to create extra work for the mods but I feel post about from the "Map police" of this post doesn't belong in this group are not in anyone's real interest.


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Yo guys I understand your concerns. But it just creates more work for our volunteer mods. I posted a suggestion on another thread about NEPA. If we just write the town/city in the title it would help. We can probably still do a search and find reviews in that area. It is a little extra work on our part, but doesn't take that long


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New York doesn't bother with the whole state and New Jersey only has 3 forums. The Jersey model seems more appropriate.

  • Southeastern PA
  • Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton
  • Lancaster and surrounding areas (points west)
Pa already has too many dead forums.


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I don't know if the current format is creating more or less work for the mods. Seems like I read a whole bunch of "You posted in the wrong forum" posts and I see posts having to get moved around. Again I researched the largest metro areas in PA. This wasn't random or just my preferences.

I have been told a post I made about a spa that I can literally walk (not drive, but) to Philadelphia County from in about 10 minutes doesn't belong in the Philly area and belongs in the PA - Other group that also has spas in it from over a hundred miles away. It just seems like a waste of everyone's time having to sift thru spas that are no where near the area you're interested in mongering in.

PA is the 5th largest state and has over 13 million people. It seems like 8 areas isn't a big deal. When there are currently 6. Sure NJ has always been broken up in the North, Central and South, of course NJ is physically much smaller. I have always wished there was a DC area on this board. I travel down there about once a month.

I would prefer to just use this board instead I kind of jump around on a few boards.


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there is another website that has more of an area break down, and while not as popular, it does get traffic and has categories.
Thanks, I know and I would prefer to just use this site. I would hate to see this site lose out to other sites. Other sites actually break things down to the city level. Which is the opposite problem, you really need to know the cities near the one you're interested in.

There is another site that does it very well with the general geographic areas but it isn't as popular, yet in this area. It is very popular in other areas of the country.