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Quiting smoking


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Best of luck to the recent quitters and congrats to the guys who quit long ago. I had my first cigarette when I was 8 (drug of choice back then) and started smoking steady when I was 14. I have been a steady smoker for 61 years now. My constant hope is just to cut down since it's hard to imagine quitting anymore. That is a lot of money that could have gone to the important things in life, like amps and building my truck.:unsure: The one thing I did right was to stop intentionally inhaling. That and all of the supplements that I take to replace any lost nutrients are probably the reason I can still function.
Wishing you the strength and will to do what you need brother!


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I stopped cold turkey after 27 years, it wasn't easy but my best friend from childhood got esophageal cancer and I saw what the surgery and treatments did to him, and what continues to do to him. If you need motivation go see someone with this cancer or look at the pictures online, amazing how that scares you straight no matter how addicted. I had cravings, I gained weight, but food also tastes much better and blood pressure has greatly improved. Good luck all

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Two years ago, I was 157 pounds when I was smoking. By the time I quit, I ballooned to 180. I’m now 170. Snacks such as candy, cookies and cake helped me quit smoking. So one bad habit to another. lol.


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The first 2 weeks after quitting was hell, monkey on the back nonstop. After that hump it got better, till i didnt think about it anymore. Smoked for 20 years straight prior, 1-2 packs a day habit.


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This goes against most wisdom on the subject....but I quit in 1982 after 6 years of a 2+ pack a day habit. Every time I got the urge I would "smoke" an UNLIT cig. It really helped with the "habit" of needing a cig after I ate or first thing in the morning. After a month or so I didn't need that either. Hardest thing I ever gave up. Harder then when I gave up alcohol.

Cigs were like a drug to me. The first 3 nights after quitting I would wake up shaking in my bed perspiring so bad the bed was actually wet. To everyone that is trying to quit: I'm pulling for you!


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Two years ago, I was 157 pounds when I was smoking. By the time I quit, I ballooned to 180. I’m now 170. Snacks such as candy, cookies and cake helped me quit smoking. So one bad habit to another. lol.
I weight 190 when i stopped. Went all the way up to 250 since it was covid amd all i did was monger and eat. Now i am back down to 200.


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I've been able to quit smoking, but I haven't been able to quit drinking Soda....

That shit is addicting.
Coke Zero is a good substitute. It is basically the modern version of Diet Coke without the weird aftertaste. Helps satisfy the cravings without the sugar bomb.

I ended up cutting the Coke Zero too once this latest round of inflation hit. Went from a can with every meal to nothing and don’t even miss it.


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I've read reports that the artificial sweeteners in diet sodas can be damaging to one's health and actually cause weight gain. I used to consume several cans a day in lieu of regular coke. Now I drink water or plain seltzer and changed my eating habits. I'm exercising and have lost 40-50 pounds since January. I love regular coke but limit it to one can every week or two. I used to binge drink strictly to get drunk as I dont love the taste of beer, wine, or alcohol but fortunately was never addicted as I will occasionally have a margarita or wine to be sociable. I'll even smoke a few cigarettes if I'm at a party and someone else is smoking although I've never gotten hooked on them. I started enjoying cigars for the summer but will stop when it gets cold. I've heard claims that for certain people addiction to substances may be a genetic predisposition. Fortunately for me I've never experienced this but I'm empathetic to those who have such issues.


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I was lucky when I stopped over 20+ years ago. Going thru a bad patch where I needed to save money for private schooling for my children, I decided to stop smoking.
Just when I stopped I developed a very bad cold in my chest and my throat was swollen. For about a week I was sick as a dog unable to breathe or drink. Naturally, when I was sick I could not even think of smoking. As soon as I got better, I never wanted a cigarette again and I do not even want to be around people and places that smells like cigarettes.
I am 71 and cigarettes cost .25 a pack at the NEX and free in some locations. Retail it was .50 .when I stopped it was about $7.50 a pack and now I see it cost in NYC like $18 for a pack.


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Congratulations on making probably one of the best decisions that you will ever make. Say good bye to smelly cloths, yellowed teeth and fingers and you will feel better overall and hopefully live longer.

I quit smoking about 10 years ago after many unsuccessful attempts. I had bronchitis once and it was painful beyond belief to smoke for a few days while i recovered from bronchitis. I just decided this was the time to stop and haven't had a cig since. I did start using electric cigs..the blue one, im not sure if they even make them any longer then dropped them. Of course I think about it sometimes, even had dreams in which i am smoking. Don't be discouraged if you do have a cigarette or two. Just cutting down is an improvement. Good luck