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Remain Silent...


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Many mongers seem very afraid of being involved in an AMP bust due to the Florida round up. IMHO, If you are approached or on premises during a "sting" or a "bust", please just keep silent. You are only obligated to identify yourself to LE if they are detaining you due to your suspected involvement in a crime. Paying for a massage is not a crime. Paying for sexual encounters is a crime.
Whatever an AMP may say will be treated as suspect because after all, she is an AMP. LE may say that they have a video of you in the act and you must identify yourself. Say nothing. If there is a tape it is entrapment. If there isn't a tape then LE testimony is worthless. Keep information of a defense lawyer with you and make the call.


I got lipstick stamps on my passport...
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Good advice. I would add, if you choose to remain silent, DO NOT SAY ONE FLIPPING WORD! If it is a LEO pretending to be a monger or anything else, or if it is a monger, it is none of their business what you are doing. Mongers know what you are doing. If it is a LEO, shut the fuck up and keep it shut. The SCOTUS has ruled that you have a right to remain silent, but if you start talking, even on mundane matters, if you reveal any information that can be used against you, the 5th Amendment no longer applies to your defense. SO ZIP IT!


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Had a friend that got snagged at a local motel. Told LE his name, shown them his ID and was on his way in two minutes.


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Had a friend that got snagged at a local motel. Told LE his name, shown them his ID and was on his way in two minutes.
You should tell them your name and show them your ID. But beyond that, don't panic and keep you mouth shut. Ask for a phone call and talk to your lawyer first.. Charging people with human trafficking these days seems all the rage and should scare us all. Being a felon, even an accidental one, will ruin your life.

The below link seems useful.