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Review: Ana, Joyce 4 hand TLC


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U should’ve try Anna and cici they r freaks they will cum swap your cum
That would have been awesome. Cici has always been kind of cold and prudish with me. I guess she gets turned on more by younger or more attractive guys from what I see here. I got my eye on Trying Ana and Lily at the same time, they look like all out cum freaks.


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Seen Joyce a few times, never had the pleasure of seeing her with another provider during the same session. Before the move Wendy was either busy or moved next door. I check out the new spot a week ago, nice but Joyce said the CiCi was busy. Joyce tend to y’all a lot during the session but very accommodating, last session she kept complaining about having issues with some guy arguing with one of the other girls. How much for 4hands? I usually give $40 (now $45) for house fee + 40 tip