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Review: Apple Spa / Gina


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Title: Review: Apple Spa / Gina
Date: Feb 1, 2024
Phone: 570-328-3665
City: Larkesville
State: PA
Location: Main St. Drive around back Curry Donuts for private parking
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70/150
Nationality: Chinese
Age Estimate: 30/35
Physical Description: Pretty face nice round face Long black hair to middle of her back, 5'3" Average built, Large B cups maybe C and 110# my guess.

Recommendation: Yes


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Nice review, what a coincidence, I got a call earlier today from a client who has some property near Wilks-Berre and I have to go up to meet him and look at the site before I draw up a plan for a new development. I love having this work, even though I am retired, it helps satisfy my urge for creativity. Hahaha, and pays for my real hobby, lol.

Your review has me intrigued enough that I will stop by Apple Spa to check this new girl, Gina, out. Why not mix a little pleasure with more pleasure. Who knows, maybe I will have to come up later and can check the other talent out. It seems like Sasa, who also works there, has a lot of regular customers.

Bakane11, I guess the OP didn't get the gist of your comment, had me laughing.


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From the sounds of this review I can spot 2 options not normally offered at Apple, if others experience the same it could finally add some decent competition in the area. Thanks for the report.
Yes and no. Ive gotten all options mentioned in this review, with sasa/yuki. The level of service is definitely hit or miss depending upon what provider you see, as is the case almost everywhere.