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Review: Apple


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Title: Review: Apple
Date: Mar 14, 2024
Phone: (609)674-4844
City: West Deptford
State: NJ
Location: 45 across from Wendys
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 70 + 100
Nationality: Chinese
Age Estimate: 40s
Physical Description: Straight black hair. On the chubby side. Trimmed. Nice big tits.

Recommendation: Yes


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Saw her too, Dana. Yes her tits are all natural and massive. She is kind of reserved and shy, I know some guys like that. Did I say her tits are big. She has that kind of body that if she lost some weight, her boobs would deflate. I had an old GF that was that way. She finally got implants and the problem was solved.

I'll post a review soon. For the money and being able to stick in the local area, (not having to cross the bridge), I had a good time. The manager said she has some new talent coming. She also said she had a part time gal that was really skinny.


It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.
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Dont see on street view. Are they new to the location?
Relatively new. They first opened up last September, had some "code compliance" issues and were shut down by the township while they made the repairs. They reopened back in December. It's right next to the Burger King in the space where the CPAP place used to be.