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Review: Asian Sensation- Alice

Longshot 2 nite

Change my Diaper! WAAAAAHHH
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Title: Review: Asian Sensation- Alice
Date: Feb 21, 2019
Phone: 347-827-5998
City: NY
State: NY
Location: 24th street area
Age Estimate: 22
Physical Description: Avg build

Recommendation: No
Need some assistance
I just joined - wrote a review that posted - how long before I can read other peoples reviews? Thanks


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Once Candy took a break to get one of her toys and Ariel was out in the hall near the kitchen. She peeked in and the next thing I knew Bad Craziness was in full throttle with the 2 of them. Dem waz the dayzes,...


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I enjoyed candy once too and stupidly declined a doubles offer. Candy anyway ruled the court that day and remains one my top five experiences. Gaga of 3 years ago was also in that list. Any chance we’ll see candy again?


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300 for 90 mins. Is this standard in NYC?
Back in 2015/16, AS-PP never clock watched.
So yeah, 30 mins over was common.
Not so much anymore, though they are still lone of the best.
GC was the same up to 2018.
There were times I was there on a 1 hour session and didn't get out until almost 2 hours.
That changed about 3 months or so before they went down.