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Review: AVOID Massage Spa Tan


Registered Member
Messages: 772
Reviews: 4
was at that place many years ago. It was all upsell and the girls didnt do diddly squat. light touch on the back thats it. she thought i was Le. i said, "yep they will be here shortly.'"


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Messages: 139
Reviews: 25
wait that makes no sense. you said x tip for ___ and that is what you expected and she didn't do it? Demand your money back.
It would have to depend on how fired up I was. Not looking to have to mess with a giant Russian goon. jus' sayin' sometimes better to walk away and let the $ be a lesson learned.


Review Contributor
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Title: Review: AVOID Massage Spa Tan
Date: Oct 13, 2021
Phone: 732-770-3310
City: Edison
State: NJ
Location: 485 US Hwy 1
Age Estimate: 30s
Physical Description: Russian very attractive

Recommendation: No
At least she was pretty..... for year they would advertise these hot Russian girls that never worked there or existed.... Usually bait and switch for the most part. It is nothing more then a scam with a store front...


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Messages: 431
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So I use the dry cleaner next door to this RMP. Every time I go there, I always see some monger waiting outside, exposed, knocking on the door, calling/texting but they are stuck outside embarrassed as hell waiting for RMP to open door. I want to tell them its not worth it.