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Review: Bianca’s Kim


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Title: Review: Bianca’s Kim
Date: Jan 26, 2024
Phone: 8622356592
City: Secaucus
State: NJ
Location: Hotel
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 1.8
Nationality: Latina
Age Estimate: 27-30
Physical Description: Small waist, perky tits, huge ass, natural, dark brown hair

Recommendation: Yes
I respectfully disagree, sir and rank 1. Kim (there’s a new champion crowned!) 2. Amber 3. Karliane


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I know I’m about to get crushed for this, but I think Amber is overrated. I saw her once, got the typical delay. Effort was minimal and she just seemed like she was rushing me. She got a great ass, but other than that… meh. If I had to pick ATF, probably Sabrina or that cute little lady with the bubble butt and the wide open menu… can’t remember her name.


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I seen amber and Kim, and not doub Kim is the queen right now. Amber come second also idk about you but Kim is on the right age while Amber of probably about 8 to 10 years older.


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amber is always going to be my number one. Kim is a second with the current line up. but when melody comes back, she'll take the top spot.
I don't know why Kim is VIP though, she isn't better than Amber, and she just isn't VIP level of service. she is good though


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VIP because of her popularity. Nothing to do with service level/services offered. She was/is in high demand so VIP status was given.