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Review: Daoxi held it DOWN - DDS Health Spa-Asian Massage Parlor


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If nothing else this is a great reading review but not sure I'd be comfortable with parking in that part of
Its totally fine, it's a block off City Ave. Park in the shopping center across the street, cross at the light, and walk half a block past a bank, apt building, and a pizza shop. Not much chance of anything happening.

Cedar Fog

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Don't get it twisted, this is a house.
(Checks Google Street View.) It's a rowhouse, certainly: one unit in a span of five at the street corner. The official site (am I discouraged from posting URLs? not hard to find given "DDS Health Spa" and the ph# above) shows a waiting room, one treatment room, and blue-painted corridor, so if the pics are accurate, we're not talking AAMP.

Out of curiosity, Street View's history shows this address was a tailor in 2008, vacant, "City Spa Nail" 2012-2017, "City Moon Nails & Spa" in 2018, and "DDS Health Spa" from 2019. The adjacent pizza shop has been there since 2009.


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Good review. Only things I'd take issue with are first, the neighborhood is fine. It's residential and for that reason she's a bit paranoid but hardly "ghetto". She's open to a lot, but she's not reliable. She'll double book or play other games. I don't think it's mean spirited, but she does it so don't count on a particular outcome. Nice enough milf


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I go twice a month. She just had a colonoscopy last week so she didn’t want to do the BJ. It’s a hit or miss, been there like 5 times. She doesn’t like to take my tip, most I paid her was 6… (outside of the 6. House fee)

if you have a problem with the location just ask can you get let in thru the back door and park on that cross street. It’s not where a ghetto location. A lot of activity just from the pizza shop and old folk home down the steeet, and barbershop.