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Review: EROS - Kendall *stay away*


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I was visibly pretty upset amd other than taking it back, it was a loss. I told her i had an extra 200 and she laughed and said, no you keep that.... shes delusional and if she keeps doing this scam she will get burnt eventually.


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Happen to me maybe 6-7 years past in an apartment in N.VA. Different provider but from Eros. Bitch asked for my DL and called someone to give my name and license # then took 250 went in the bedroom to hide it, then came and just sat I was there to chitchat. I tried to make a move she was like wohoo... I dont do anything illegal, you paid for my time, you can talk or take me out for dinner. I asked for my money back and she was nope not happening, you can stay here for an hour since you paid for my time. I was like FML...I was new to the hobby so took it as a learning experience and left.


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Title: Review: EROS - Kendall *stay away*
Date: Jun 27, 2021
Phone: 6617708822
City: King of prussia
State: Pa
Location: Hotel
Age Estimate: 30
Nationality: Caucasian
Physical Description: Big

Recommendation: No

Happened to me too maybe 10 years ago. Only cost $400, I considered it tuition toward my masters degree in mongering. That’s why I stay away from hotel girls. AMPS are so much more reliable. Thanks for sharing your experience. Bitch needs to meet the wrong guy one time.


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Hotels? Generally safe IMO, but only bring what you want to lose. Also, follow your gut instincts. Most of the time it’s the girls that have to fear their safety in an Incall scenario. Now, I’d say watch out for these agencies. Especially with all the screening done. What’s the necessity? Say he got up and left and took the donation in a common area within the first 3 minutes. Most mongers could say, though they may never do such a thing, he would be entitled. However, with such screening, the retribution could be costly. Do you think that all of these girls, regardless of if you treat them respectfully and kindly, may never get “too” close for comfort with you? They have every single personal detail there is to know about you, but you know nothing about them. Good to simply cut loses and keep cool. A lesson learned in the school of hard knox with this one. Always consider the source & protect yourself.


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NEVER patronize indies who lack multiple reviews on credible reviews sites unless you can independently verify them by word of mouth. While you may lose out on a few good opportunities, you dramatically decrease your chances of being ripped off. Also, if an ad sounds too good to be true, it normally is.


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Thank you for the info. Sorry to hear about the experience. I do not concur with the knock on indies, I've had many very positive experiences with them. German, Brazilian, Russian...

Her photos, reasonable rate, well known area for hobbying - I do not blame you for taking the plunge and I appreciate your honesty in letting us know about it.


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I just had this happened on a road trip. I think the issue was having the pimp suite in the top hotel. Her rate for the 2nd tier town I was in (so not NYC, SF, Miami, etc) seemed like it should be enough for FS. It was only a slight discount to what I pay in NYC. Then she asked for 3x for FS.. Fuck off.. she eventually came down and 'only' asked for double.. told her to blow me and get out.. haha