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Review: Gabby - Dolls&Candies


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Title: Review: Gabby - Dolls&Candies
Date: Jul 3, 2023
Phone: 401-903-3772
City: New York
State: NY
Location: Midtown West (9th Avenue)

House Fee and Tip (if applicable) 300 HR
Age Estimate: 30
Nationality: Caucasian
Physical Description: Short maybe 5'0, thicker bottom, brunette, and cute face with a little mileage

Recommendation: No


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This is a good review, I’ve been waiting/hoping for a GC offshoot that rises anywhere near the level of the old GC. Not sure if this is it but I suppose worth a try to find out…


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Is there a website? Google search just pulls up ads for random girls at this agency.
There is a website.

It isn't really updated as Gia or Dahlia (Their mamasan) isn't tech savvy at all. They are really a rag tag agency trying to find their footing in today's competitive landscape. Julie at EC wasn't paying Dahlia the manager on time so she left to start her own agency.

They are only open a few days a week due to their inability to secure a permanent or semi permanent location.

Here are some details regarding their girls:

Cameron from the website is on a 3 week leave due to her alcoholism. She is upstate in a detox program.

Claudia is their only Non-Gfe Provider. She doesn't even work there anymore. Just listed to make the website look good

Alyssa and Daisy work during the day time, 1-7pm.

All of Daisy's photos are real. She is Colombian I believe, doesn't talk much. Decent service but a bore.

Alyssa told me she is from Costa Rica, gained a few lbs from what her photos portray. The real photos for Alyssa are the one's with the purple background. The first photo of the girl with her tits out is not Alyssa. I scolded Dahlia that she should not be using false photos, as this creates the wrong impression for clients.

Usually phoenix or Jessica at night

Once in a blue moon Gabby pops in. She lives in Morristown/Mahway which is about 45 minutes away on I-287. Gabby has a day job as a paralegal so she is only really in if her job lets her leave early. She may even switch agencies. Two of her photos on the website are fake. it is easy to tell which ones are.

The mamasan will ocassionally lie to you and say that Gabby is coming in when she knows she isn't in the hopes of you coming in and choosing a different girl, the good ole bait and switch. That shit don't work on me. If I don't get the girl I want, it's over. Obviously unless there was an emergency etc.

I am only there to bang Gabby. No one else. I can get better bang for my buck for the rest