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Review: King Spa Tina


Registered Member
Messages: 24
Reviews: 2
Title: Review: King Spa Tina
Date: Oct 28, 2018
Phone: (551) 574-3514
City: Ridgefield
State: NJ
Address: 663grand ave, Ridgefield, NJ 07657
Activities: Bbj, cfs
Age Estimate: 30
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: Spinner
Summary: Been here a few times and was disappointed this last time. Uninspired and rushed out basically. It was a slow afternoon so no excuses.

Recommendation: No


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Messages: 24
Reviews: 2
Don't these girls realize that begging for tips upfront is a dealbreaker and discourages repeat business? Idiotic!
Sadly it happens all the time in this area. And sadly... I've gotten used to it. I fell as if you tip upfront... The motivation is all gone on their side. And kills the mood!


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I refuse to tip upfront.
Once the tip is given they have zero reason to do anything but the bare minimum.
The BS of them getting stiffed on tip doesn’t fly. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but I’m certain it happens way less than us getting stiffed for better service after they receive the tip. If I’m expected to trust them on giving me service after I tip then I expect them to trust me to tip for appropriately.
I’ve been burned a couple times tipping upfront but I have never burned anyone when it was time to tip.
If they demand tip upfront, I tell them forget it and just massage for the hour, $20 tip and I’m out the door. If they give me an attitude, get up, get dressed and walk out. Get some of the house fee for your tip since I didn’t get my 1 hour of service.