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Review: Las Chicas Dirty Blond


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Title: Review: Las Chicas Dirty Blond
Date: Jul 1, 2024
Phone: 646-775-0905
City: Hackensack
State: NJ
Location: Motel
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 90
Nationality: Latina
Age Estimate: 45ish
Physical Description: 5'5 MM D's BBL, Long Blond Hair, Pale Skin, No Tattoos cute face. Shaved kitty

Recommendation: No


Same starks43, same wit, just on a new forum
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I work 6 minutes away and I now go to las chica about 3 times per month.
When I had my high salary job downtown, I went every monday at noon for 11 months straight. its in my phone as "touch up" because thats all you can expect, a 10 minute you wanking it on her ass and clean up.

I got along well with the mid 40s dominican last week and saw her 3 times, monday, wednsday and saturday. I wanted to go today, but your review is making me change my plans. perhaps ill have to look elsewhere for the week


Same starks43, same wit, just on a new forum
Messages: 243
Reviews: 6
Where is somewhere else with the same rate?
There is nowhere else with the same rate.
The next closest thing is to hit the other hotels with latinas and they do 80 . Horizon, Knights inn and Red Roof have spanish chicks, along 46. And various Brazillians work out of the saddle brook hotel and which is 5 minutes from where chicas is at. Pretty much all of the 80/15 latinas are around 30s and 6-7 hot. The zillians are usually 50s and 6-7 hot with a wider menu for upcharge. Las chicas are normally 45-55 older solid 6s or 30-40 something 5s. Even north bergen is latinas on Tonnelle ave are only 13 minutes of a ride away. You pretty much have standard latinas in a 4 mile radius of chicas for 80

Yes chicas is upcharge for everything, but that is part of the adventure. I can go into chicas and get a chick that told me 80 extra just to kiss, and not touch her V or tetas. Then another time I had a chick who asked for 40 extra for 100 total for full GFE. Where as the other spots seem to have a solid menu, 80 for 15 and 60 more for BBJ but no DFK.


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Do you still pay her 50$ when you see her
Nope! She went from being rushed for time because the next monger was at the door to taking care of me GFE style every single time. I take care of her like she takes care of me. When these ladies go from working through a handler to going indy they are worth a lot more if the service they provide is top notch.