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Review: Latina Spa in EB- Jamie


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I went there last Thursday and had a pretty weird experience. After driving an hour to get there, I texted her telling her I’m outside, she says “give me 15 mins.”
It was 8pm and the parking lot is dark as hell, I noticed a black Toyota Camry parked across the street with their lights on, 10 mins later the same car pulls into the parking lot I’m in and parks behind me with the lights off. She ended up flaking on me and text me the next day that she locked her phone in the room and couldn’t get back in.


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Looking for some help from fellow mongers. Haven't tried these spas in NJ as I rarely get opportunity and invariably waste $$ on strip club when I get a chance. Reading all these reviews, got a decent idea this or even escort if I can find a good reliable one is much better for the money. I have an opportunity next week so trying my best to get some action. Can you pls clarify:
1. HF is for entrance and tipnis for the gfe session correct? Seems to be total of 140-180
2. Is msog an option. If I am done in 5 mind lol is my 1 hr time done?
3. In central nj, pls recommend decent spa and provider who is newbie friendly.
Appreciate the advise and help.


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She told me 160 plus tip. Not FS but offer:
so I’m curious is that P2P and what types of release are available. She wasn’t very friendly via text though so idk maybe I’ll try next week
I asked her if there are any pictures of the staff and what was available for that day and I got a text back "this is all just a game to you. I'm [sic] block this number"

so that was my experience