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Review: Mia-648 spa


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I think I told one of the guy on this board that Latinas providers they are not really that good. That is why they are disappearing. The problem is that the majority have Spanish boyfriends or married so they will limited themselves on what they do. They was a time that you could find some good ones but they are rare. I’m very surprised that 648 allows this girls to work in Asian parlor . I hopping that 648 realized that they can’t not afford to get girls that are not top notch like 202 206 or Dream has it . If not they will not last long . It’s a shame because I really like this place the 2 girls that they run this place they are 2 very nice Ladies.


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I remember way back in the day when you could find the $60-100 specials in the back of the Park Press. You’d get to the place, there would be be two latina girls, normally one hot, one not, and they’d be willing to get all kinds of freaky with you. I even remember one time at a cheap motel in the Eatontown area closer to the Little Silver side, both girls were so ugly i was gonna walk out, but they offered a 2 for 1 deal and it ended up being quite fun since they went to great lengths fucking each other and me. I’ve had a few in the last two years, and most were bad. The one good one was a provider group (follow the eagles) that i believe got closed down and i don’t know if they ever reopened.


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Overall for Mia how hot is she? Can you describe, Might try lol
lol dude said was trash session so doesn’t matter if she’s hot. Her face is pretty Latina, a little thicker/filtery than the picture shown. I didn’t see her butt and she had clothes on. Had a good Aura to her first impression. Good luck bro


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Title: Review: Mia-648 spa
Date: Dec 5, 2023
Phone: 6092289288
City: pway
State: nj
Location: g2
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) .6+1.6
Nationality: Latina
Age Estimate: 30-40
Physical Description: thicc, mm, pretty, tan

Recommendation: No
Yep same experience with her. Looks good but very poor attitude. Usually the case. Typically why it is better to go with asians for the most part nowadays.