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Review: Queen Hera at SA


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Title: Review: Queen Hera at SA
Date: Aug 4, 2022
Phone: 6693061342
City: San Jose
State: CA
Location: San Jose
Age Estimate: 30ish
Nationality: Korean
Physical Description: Natural DDs, Good tits and ass, Pretty height, Not milf at all, Literally nice body. Pretty face as heard, Great spinner. Agree with queen title.

Recommendation: Yes


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I saw her way back at 220 when she was a b-lister. Total time waster (intentionally, mind you) and mediocre at best, baffling she charges $300 now.


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I saw her way back at 220 when she was a b-lister. Total time waster (intentionally, mind you) and mediocre at best, baffling she charges $300 now.
I saw her at $120 at a c-org. During the pandemic.

I remember telling her. I’ve seen you before. And I even asked her, you like this place? And she responded that it was only a quick visit. It was definitely worth the $120. I wish all the girls rotated through the c-orgs. All the girls should offer trial discounts for first timers. I think that’s a better strategy to get customers. Because personally, I’m not shelling out $300 for first times until i read 20 legitimate reviews.


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I agree with one guy's comment as time waster.

When I saw her at GFEI, her first home, she was strictly a routine gal. With GFE gals, that's expected. They don't deviate from their path.


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Although I say this without 100% certainty, I believe this Hera is the same Hera I saw in SM in 2017. Regardless, the Hera I saw was incredible! One of the most sultry and seductive women I ever had in this hobby, and she was simply HOT AF looking too!

If it helps, the Hera I saw also went by Shari (in LA), though it appears she hasn't been active there in some time, or at least under that name.