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Review: Quest Massage


Review Contributor
Messages: 155
Reviews: 33
Title: Review: Quest Massage
Date: Mar 23, 2021
Phone: 16104891643
City: Collegeville
State: Pennsylvania
Location: 201 Second Ave Collegeville (Near Redners
Age Estimate: 40's
Nationality: Chinese
Physical Description: Big Boobs, Short, Little Extra Wt

Recommendation: Yes
I was able to get Amy today on 30 min notice !! Great session as usual with her. Her technique and attitude is tops for me.
My last session with Linda was similar ‘off’ and she’s now off my list. My budget is too restricted to waste nowadays and other places just keep being inconsistent.
I don’t think any else was there on my arrival but did hear a couple others after a bit. Considering my appointment lucky as sometimes told 2 hour backlog for Amy.
I’m pretty much keeping my game with Amy only and not let little head think for me.
Besides that their background music soothes me. Lol.


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Messages: 149
Reviews: 24
I had a 90 minute session with Amy today, first appointment of day. Agree that her massage skills are first rate. She remembers what areas to work and concentrate on. She is a gem!


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Messages: 774
Reviews: 29
I had similar exp with her last week for 30 min an excellent massage, were some teaser brushings and thought all is going well.. but then when the buzzer rang she left the room immediately after cleanup. It was way different this time.. Still tipped her regardless but then she made a weird face when I went out.