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Review: Salacia-RS8


Review Contributor
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Title: Review: Salacia-RS8
Date: Mar 15, 2024
Phone: 929-288-7618
City: NY
State: NY
Location: Flatiron near the Wendys
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 360
Nationality: Chinese
Age Estimate: 28-33?
Physical Description: Short hair, c cups. Decent ass, trimmed. Really cute and sweet

Recommendation: Yes


Monsieur Le President
Messages: 3,041
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pussy.... just kidding, 30 min is all I can take too and I need to leave before she tries anything else.

She's been harder to book but it's also good for my physical and mental health I guess



Monsieur Le President
Messages: 3,041
Reviews: 161
Who would be the 3rd leg of an AMP Iron Man?
Salacia RS8, Gina 1010, & ??
Good question!

no one with intense and sheer whore-fuckery-magick power that can match the two you mentioned for now.

Salaci is the swim leg for obvious reasons.

Gina can be second for biking

who's the 3rd in your mind


Review Contributor
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Tell me about it. I'm just missing her.

This is why I try not to get too excited about any girl ahead of time. Or rather, I always have backups to also be excited about, cause you never know when you're first choice is leaving.

I have at least 4 or 5 others I'd be excited to meet, and at least a couple I'd be excited to repeat with.


Why Do You Keep Calling Me Calvin?
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Salaci is the swim leg for obvious reasons.
Perverted minds think alike! /high5

Salacia (Chinese) as the swim leg

Gina (Japanese) as the bike leg, which is funny due to the recent review in Flushing forums about her getting her butt implants removed. I found them to be blocking. I’m excited to jam another inch into her.

Leg 3 should be Korean, but there haven’t been a recent memorable still active Korean fuck machine. My old choice would have been Yuri, since she fucks non stop and her squirting could be like throwing water on your face as you are running the leg 3 marathon.