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Review: Salacia the insatiable at RisingSun


Review Contributor
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Title: Review: Salacia the insatiable at RisingSun
Date: Jan 18, 2024
Phone: (929) 676-6606
City: NY
State: NY
Location: flatiron
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 240
Nationality: Chinese
Age Estimate: idk - Chinese girl but very close to pic
Physical Description: 5'2, great milky tits, nice body, a few tats you wont see in the pics. SUPER FIT in bed

Recommendation: Yes
Wow! Im starting my training / resting routine now to get ready. Any clue if she is a size queen?


Monsieur Le President
Messages: 2,585
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I took a bunch of candies off of the front-desk and ate them all rather quickly to get myself back in sound mind thru a sugar rush. I'd get a can of red bull before hand next time.

I felt a little bit of out of body experience as I was leaving. I assumed it's the result of the heavy action with her and I didn't have any food that day yet.


Je ne regrette rien
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She's kind of a novelty act, so moving around probably makes business sense. I find it hard to imagine anyone wanting to be a once-a-week regular with her, unless she's very different on repeats.


Monsieur Le President
Messages: 2,585
Reviews: 129
Saw her again. I was prepared this time! Carb up with spaghetti the night before, did lots of core work to get my blood flowing well and muscle nice and flexed and stretched my groin quite a bit to prepare for her downward attack

She said I did “very good”. Haha