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Review: Sandy - indy


Review Contributor
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Title: Review: Sandy - indy
Date: Mar 13, 2024
Phone: 2015885081
City: Bradley Beach
State: NJ
Location: office building with other massage / therapy offices
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 130
Nationality: Caucasian
Age Estimate: 40's
Physical Description: thick blonde, large breasts, nice butt

Recommendation: Yes


AKA jacklondongreat
Messages: 2,018
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for an indy there is no HF + tip. The price is the price. Of course, if they go above and beyond your expectations you can give them more, but she is pocketing that whole amount. For that service, that is comparable to a non FS amp these days HF + tip.
True, but some portion of her charge goes to expenses just like the HF at an AMP. Then we can quibble whether the balance was justified for the services rendered…


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ohgood mentioned 2 visits with the provider, I was wondering where those reviews are...
I mentioned 1 visit where she told me she was on the rag and I got a CBJ. She told me next time FS but I haven't gotten back yet. As for the review it must have got deleted when I got my original name back because I had one. The CBJ might have been the most I felt a BJ with a rubber on and I was impressed with it. I asked her what price and considering I had already given her the "house fee" and she said whatever I thought was fair. Can't remember what I tipped.