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Review: SKS Joah


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I the problem is that I can't make the po to respond me after he/she ask me for my references, i try to book Binna, Sophia joah practically any girl available just to get in but no reply, give other references but still the same,I guess SKS is not for me


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I'm in the same boat. Send a text and no reply. At least say something back. At this point I've given up. I assume I'm black listed since I had been offered their lower tier girls before and always declined. If they don't need my business that's fine. There's plenty others out there.


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Lol, 1 hr guy tip is not even equal to rounding error for a typical Joah whale booking.

I give thanks to get the 1 hr I can get with Joah after the whales got their preferences.

For those who saw her before, be patient, she will open up at some point.

For those who never saw her before, just keep an eye out, who knows, she may open to newcomers at a later time.
I agree with VRgamer and the other. Joah is one of
The hottest girls I have ever seen and not just for a K-Girl. She is perfect and speaks super fluent English to top it off. Is is one of the youngest providers and worth the wait. I gave up on Mia after months of trying. Joah is great and worth the wait. Treat her well she is a sweet girl and gorgeous. I LOVE Chery @AKD because I have great connection with her but from a looks stand point Joah is better, she speakers English, and is younger. But Cherry is a Spinner Service Queen with elite Service & Attitude.