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Review: Spa Wellness (dover rd) TR


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Title: Review: Spa Wellness (dover rd) TR
Date: Jan 15, 2024
Phone: 609-618-9560
City: TR
State: NJ
Location: Dover rd right off park way
House Fee & Tip (if applicable) 60 + .1
Nationality: Chinese
Age Estimate: 35
Physical Description: Very good very nice, body was tight with nice c's that I think were real! Face was an 8 but a 10 for this area.

Recommendation: Yes


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I hate this fucking argument. Unfortunately TR falls crock of shittingly (yes its a word for the sake of this debate) into Central Jersey. Yet of course ANY TIME you tell someone you're from the TR area they ALWAYS say "oh, South Jersey". We do not fall into CNJ when it comes to AMP availability, service offered, quality, and certainly not pay scale. But we pay the same. So as for my little rant. For the purposes of this board we have to abide by the CNJ moniker.


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While I won't get into the idiotic Central vs South debate, especially since the MODS already declared it settled, the bigger issue is the DOVER ROAD label confusing people into thinking its a NORTH NJ location. In fact, I think that's why Toms River officially changed it's name from DOVER TOWNSHIP to Toms River back in 2006. Was messing too many people up............

And for whoever asked, it's off exit 80 on GSP South.