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Review: Spa Wellness Lilli


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What happens if they raid the place? There's no evidence of sexual activity. Or if they supposedly do find evidence and they considered you took part, what would the punishment be? Would it be Jail or just a Fine?
It doesn't matter if they suspect or have proof that the establishment engages in prostitution. They need proof that you did. 90% of the time when someone's arrested its because they literally told the officer what they were doing. This isn't the movies. They don't have the place wired with hidden cameras. If your ever stopped for visiting an AMP you simply received a massage and that's that. Any further questioning about sexual activity should be met with pure offense. Where does the officer get off making sexually explicit assumptions about you. Sounds like a lawsuit.

Happy Jack

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I just went to the Twitter page....I can't believe you guys could ever think the photos that these AMP's use may be the real girls. Every review on SpaWellness someone is trying to figure if it's the girl in the pic. I'll help...
It isn't.
It never is.
It's extremely obvious it isn't lol.

...but I would say SW has the nicer looking AMP girls. But they are not close to the girls in the pics.
I've seen Bobo, Jessica, Cindy, Nancy, and Ruby. All 5 of those girls pictures are really them, and they are all accurate representations of them, with the exception of Bobo. Bobo's pictures are her, but they are dated, or filtered to make her look younger.

Take a look at the group picture of them on their Twitter landing page. It's clear as day that they all posed together to take that picture.


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LE will not have enough on you to stick. They can only prove you were at the site. That is enough to embarrass you in front of your family. Charges on the girls will not be much, but enough to cause them some stress, time out of work, and of course legal fees. Overall, it is just a waste of public funds, but it a politician wants to make a name, or if someone complains, then something could possible happen.


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To the guys saying you could claim you were just getting a massage I would agree except if they legit raided it while you were mid act they could get through quite a few doors before you had the condom off. The layout would be quick to have every door kicked in. Unless they can't legally kick in the doors to private rooms for some reason?