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Review: Spa24hours - Cleo


WELLL its TheBigShow
Messages: 819
Reviews: 31
so i wanted to write another review but probbaly shouldnt since its the same girl. mandy did not do it for me so i texted cleo found out why she wasnt in the lineup. she is in the night shift now. she really is 5 foot nothing lolol tiny little thing but she is definetly better than mandy in terms of vibe for me anyways. looks wise is still kinda wierd for me but her attitude and service makes up for it. with all the lackluster reviews so far of this place i only have a few things to say.

keep reading reviews about this place to make sure u dont waste your money.
lisa is the only go to right now and even then youre proably better off waiting
i think the whole grand opening thing hyped up this place too much and since lala is gone only lisa is really providing the service people want.
cleo is not bad if youre into her type. probably better out there.

so to sum it up i think lisa is the only one to get if you come here
and cleo is an ok 2nd option after 10pm for me and if you dont mind certain restrictions depending what you are looking for in the session just my 2 cents


Registered Member
Messages: 164
Reviews: 28
Heres how I see it. We all monger right? Do you REALLY care if Lisa takes 100 dicks a week?

Be honest with yourself. You get people like Bella and Sara at NYAW where they are booked from OPEN TO CLOSE SEVEN DAYS A WEEK.

I think not only is it childish but also weird that you care if she sees 50 guys a week. What if your wife or GF has fucked 100 guys throughout their dating life? You know?

You go to have fun, if you're thinking about "OMG 50 DICKS A WEEK", just go jerk off and stop being a whiny bitch.

I've seen Lisa 10+ times and each time it was amazing. Of course I try and TOFTT because I don't like to go nighttime as I have previously stated that if you go during the day as 1st customer you will USUALLY get A++++ service.